Financing: Is Going Through a Roofing Company My Best Option?

Financing: Is going through a roofing company my best option?

Roof replacement is a significant home improvement project that can be expensive. Unfortunately, most homeowners are unprepared for this hefty investment or would rather not spend all their savings on a new roof. Whatever the reason, financing is a great way to get a high-quality roof without worrying about the upfront cost.

While many financing options are available for roof replacement, many homeowners prefer to work with roofers who offer financing. Financing through a roofing company removes the difficulty and confusion from the financing process, making the consumer’s life easier.


The Benefits of Working with a Roofing Contractor Who Offers Financing


Financing your roof through a roofing company breaks the cost down into smaller monthly installments instead of requiring a full upfront payment. This makes it affordable for the average homeowner and allows them to have their roofs fixed immediately. 


The key to roof financing is finding a local, reputable roofing contractor who has solid partnerships with multiple lenders that will not require astronomical rates. 

Here’s why financing through a roofing company is your best option.


Partnered With the Right People 


Established roofing companies partner with lenders to provide financing and, in some cases, offer financing themselves. They offer rates, terms, and other perks that a bank may not offer.

Compared to personal loans and home equity loans, the process of financing through a roofer can be much more simple and straightforward because the application, in most cases, is handled in-house. It also saves you the trouble of finding your own lender. 


Flexibility with Your Budget


Homeowners have unique needs and budgets that require flexibility, something that banks and other standard financing options cannot meet. Working with a roofer who offers financing gives you tremendous flexibility. You can easily find an option that falls within your monthly budget. 


For instance, if you prefer to spread your payments for a more extended period to minimize your monthly spending, you may choose a longer amortization period, which can be as long as 180 months. Alternatively, you may wish to clear the loan in a shorter time period to take advantage of lower interest rates.


Whatever your needs, you’ll find a roofer with financing options that will fit your needs. 


Fixed Interest Rates 


Floating interest rates can be quite problematic. An increase of one percentage point can be enough to blow your budget. With a fixed interest rate, however, you won’t have to worry about sudden changes to your monthly payments.


You can enjoy low-interest rates and fixed monthly payments when you finance your roof replacement through a roofing company. Roofing contractors often partner with lenders to provide financing to their customers. And thanks to volume lending, they can get special interest rates and promos, which they can pass on to you.


This allows you to create a better budget for your roofing project and pay for your roof in installment amounts you can afford.


Easy to Understand Terms and Conditions


If you decide to apply for a bank loan to finance your roofing project, it’s possible that the terms and conditions in the contracts might be difficult to understand. If financing through a roofing contractor, you won’t have to worry about the complicated contract finance terms. Their loan conditions are normally spelled out in simple, easy-to-understand terms. And if you’re having difficulty understanding some clauses, they have someone who can take you through the details. 


No Hidden Fees 


When you choose to go with a roofing contractor who offers financing options, you won’t have to worry about hidden fees as they’re upfront and honest with all their fees. You’ll only have to focus on paying the agreed-upon amount as indicated in the payment terms and conditions.

This makes financing through a roofing company a more viable and appealing option than other financing programs.


Simple and Fast


When you apply for a loan from a bank for your roofing project, you’re likely to wait for several weeks, if not months, to get approved. You can’t afford this wait time, especially if your roof sustained severe damage.


Applying for roof financing through a contractor can be an easy, seamless process. You can make your application online via a mobile app or through a phone call. The roofer will see to it that you navigate a simple and fast transaction process.


Roof Financing Options Offered by Red Diamond


At Red Diamond, we work with Service Finance and United Credit to provide stress-free financing options to our customers. These lenders provide multiple financing options and more opportunities for approvals within a wide range of credit profiles. Their loans come with affordable interest rates and payment plans. The application process is fast, easy, and 100% confidential. Once we’ve estimated the cost of your roofing project, our staff will help you start your application.


Make your search for roofing contractors and roof financing easier by turning to Red Diamond. We offer affordable, high-quality, and reliable roof repair and roof replacement services in the Denver and Fort Collins area. We don’t take our work lightly and never leave a site unless the client is 100% satisfied.


Contact us today to learn what sets us apart and get the roofing services you deserve.


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  • The Significance of BBB Accreditation

    The Significance of BBB Accreditation: Why It Matters to Customers


    In today’s competitive market, customers want to choose a trustworthy and reliable company for their roofing needs. One way they can gain confidence in a roofing company is by looking for accreditation from reputable organizations that analyze businesses objectively and give feedback. Red Diamond Roofing is proud to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We will look at the significance of BBB accreditation and why it matters to customers.

    What is Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accreditation?

    BBB accreditation is a process through which companies demonstrate their commitment to ethical and reliable business practices. It is voluntary, and the BBB evaluates them based on honesty, transparency, responsiveness, and integrity. Red Diamond Roofing has met and maintained these standards, earning the prestigious BBB accreditation.

    Meeting with Roofing ProfessionalWhy BBB Accreditation Matters to Customers:

    1. Trust and Credibility: BBB accreditation plays a vital role in building trust, confidence, and credibility in a business. This accreditation serves as a seal of approval, assuring customers that the business is trustworthy and operates with integrity. BBB is a credible and  impartial organization, and by voluntarily seeking and maintaining BBB accreditation, a company demonstrates its commitment to transparency, customer satisfaction, and fair and timely resolution of issues. When a company displays the BBB logo on its website or storefront, it sends a clear message to customers that they have undergone a rigorous evaluation process and have met the organization’s high standards of ethical business practices. 
    2. Consumer Protection: Companies accredited with the BBB must also meet and maintain the organization’s high standards of  customer service. If a customer has a complaint against an accredited business, they can file a complaint with the BBB, which will investigate the situation and attempt to resolve the dispute. This provides customers a reliable avenue to seek redress in case of any issues with the accredited business, enhancing customer protection. Additionally, the BBB provides a way for customers to leave ratings and reviews.
    3. Transparent Business Practices: BBB accreditation requires businesses to provide accurate and honest information about their products, services, and pricing, which helps customers make informed decisions and avoid potential scams or fraudulent practices.
    4. Positive Customer Feedback: The BBB’s customer rating system helps customers make informed decisions about businesses. The rating system is based on several factors, including length of time in business, the accuracy of advertising, business transparency, the number and severity of complaints filed against a particular company, and the resolution of complaints. Accredited businesses must maintain a rating of B or higher to retain their accreditation. A high BBB rating indicates that a business is reliable, transparent, and dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience. On the other hand, a low rating is usually a red flag, indicating that a business may be engaging in deceptive or unethical practices. Customers can consult these ratings when deciding whether to engage with a particular company. 
    5. Commitment to Quality: As an accredited roofing business, a company shows their commitment to delivering high-quality workmanship and extraordinary customer service, striving to meet and exceed expectations. This ensures that their roofing projects are completed to the highest standards.

    Other Considerations:

    Roofing ExpertsBesides BBB accreditation, homeowners should consider several other factors when hiring a contractor:

    • It is essential to review references and testimonials from past customers to learn about the contractor’s work quality and professionalism. This can help ensure they have a proven track record of delivering satisfactory results.
    • Homeowners should verify that the contractor has the required licenses and certifications for the specific type of work they will be undertaking. Adequate insurance coverage is also crucial, as it protects the homeowner and the contractor in case of accidents or property damage during the project. 
    • Homeowners should trust their instincts and choose a contractor they feel comfortable communicating and working with throughout the project.
    • Reviews are removed from the BBB website after 3 years.

    By considering these additional factors alongside BBB accreditation, homeowners can select a trustworthy and reliable contractor for their home improvement needs.

    Red Diamond Roofing is Accredited by the BBB

    BBB accreditation is an essential factor to consider when choosing a roofing company. Red Diamond Roofing’s BBB accreditation reflects their dedication to providing excellent service, transparency, and customer satisfaction. Customers can confidently choose Red Diamond Roofing for their roofing needs, knowing they are working with a reputable and accredited company. If you need roofing, painting, or siding services in the Denver and Fort Collins areas, contact Red Diamond Roofing today!

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