How Long Will Your Vinyl Siding Last And What Does It Cost?

How Long Will Your Vinyl Siding Last And What Does It Cost?

The siding on your home serves as a layer of protection against moisture and the elements. If you’ve noticed deterioration, it may be time to replace it. For many homeowners, vinyl siding continues to be a popular choice. Vinyl siding is durable, flexible, and relatively easy for professionals to install.

The cost and lifespan of your siding are dependent on several factors. The selected materials and the size of your home will affect the total price of the project. Take a few moments to learn more about how to choose the right vinyl siding for your budget.

Vinyl Siding Styles

One significant advantage to vinyl siding is it’s available in different stylized designs. To give your home a more natural look, vinyl siding can imitate wood shake. A few other options include scallops, dutch lap, or regular horizontal panels. Be aware the price will vary depending on the manufacturer. The intricacy of the design and the color of the siding will also influence the cost. 

Vinyl siding will also have different fire protection ratings, wind ratings, and energy efficiency ratings to consider. Options with more protection will cost more in the short term but could save you on a repair bill down the road. Your roofing contractor should be able to advise you on a type of vinyl siding that balances quality with your preferred price range.

Size of House

The size of your home also impacts the cost of your siding. Professionals will measure the size of your home in ‘squares’ of 100 feet to determine the cost of materials. In general, siding replacement projects take more time on taller homes. Some design features may also make working on one side of the house more challenging than the other. To produce an accurate estimate, professionals will likely need to inspect the home in person.


Certain obstacles can slow down progress for workers, adding to the timeline – and the cost – of the project. This could include pools, ponds, flowerbeds, or vegetation. If possible, try to move any stored items or other materials which could create an obstruction. This will allow professionals to work more efficiently and potentially save you money in the process.

Windows and Doors

Properly installing siding around windows and doors will take longer as well. These areas need to be well-insulated from moisture. Damaged flashing also needs to be replaced. This is an excellent time to replace any broken windows or old insulation. If windows or doors need to be boarded up, you’ll want to discuss this with your siding contractor before work begins. 

Scope of Work

Costs will increase with the complexity of the project. In most cases, your old siding will need to be removed and disposed of first. Next, professionals will install a protective barrier of house wrap to your home. The cost of this material can fluctuate depending on its composition and the number of panels needed. 

How Long will my Vinyl Siding Last?

Keeping up with regular maintenance is the best way to extend the lifespan of your vinyl siding. Dirty siding will have a more difficult time reflecting sunlight which can cause discoloration over the years. Washing vinyl siding once or twice a year is a good idea to keep it in good condition. Homeowners are advised to address any damage the moment it arises. Any gaps in the siding can provide an entry point for water. 

Another thing which can undermine the lifespan of your vinyl siding is nearby vegetation. Bushes, trees, and grass should be cut back to prevent them from coming in contact with the material. It’s a good idea to remove vines and moss as well. Unmanaged plant growth can cause separation between siding panels and put extra weight on the material.

Ask your siding contractor about the maintenance and warranty programs they offer. Many professionals provide guarantees for their work which can keep your siding protected for years to come. For this reason, it’s always best to work with certified and licensed professionals who have an established reputation for providing outstanding service.

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