How To Know What Your Residential Roof Replacement Will Cost

How To Know What Your Residential Roof Replacement Will Cost

Many factors are involved in determining the overall cost of your home’s roof replacement. Everything from the design of your home to the roofing materials involved will impact the price. If you need a new roof but are concerned about the expense, take some time to review what professionals will look at before providing an estimate.

House Size and Design

Roof replacements on multi-story homes are more challenging to complete, and some design features require more attention to detail. Roof replacement may take longer with older homes as well. Your roofer will discuss with you the lead time on ordering specialty materials along with the overall project timeline.

Square Footage of Roof

The estimated price of materials is calculated by measuring the total square footage of the roof planes. More slopes and ridges will translate to a higher estimated cost. It’s important to note slate, metal, cedar shake, and shingle materials all have different price points per square foot.

Pitch of Roof

Steeper angles on your roof will increase the difficulty of the roof replacement and the cost of materials. When a roof slope exceeds a 37-degree angle at the ridge, the roof is considered steep by most standards. Your roofer will be able to discuss with you how the roof pitch will contribute to the cost of replacement.

Removal of Old Roof

The first step to replacing your roof is to remove and dispose of the old materials. This part of the replacement process is called a “tear-off,” and residential roofing professionals have a safe and efficient system for getting it done. You’ll want to factor in the cost of roof removal and disposal into the cost-estimate.

Replacing Bad Decking

During the tear-off stage, your roofer will have a better opportunity to inspect the decking beneath the shingles. Roof decks often consist of OSB or plywood boards that support the shingles above. Any issues with this portion of the roof will need to be addressed before work can proceed. 

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