6 Things You Need To Know About Roof Repairs In The Winter

6 Things You Need To Know About Roof Repairs In The Winter


Roof repair in winter is possible if you enlist the help of an experienced residential roofer. Sure, the weather is a challenge, but roof leaks cannot wait for nice weather. Consider these six thoughts, and then make the call to your local, helpful roofing contractor. 

1. Dangerous

Roofing work is dangerous. You will never find a “good” time for you to go on your roof, so keep off! Your residential roofer comes equipped with knowledge, safety practices, and fall arrest gear that make winter roof repairs possible. 

2. Doable

Winter roof repairs are entirely doable by trained, professional roofers. Repair techniques may have to be adjusted from work done in warmer months. 

For example, shingles lose flexibility, and the adhesive strip on each will probably not hold. Roofers can apply winter-tough roof cement to each shingle as it is positioned, so the roof cement holds shingles together until warmer weather allows the adhesive strip to grip. 

3. Delicate

All wintertime roofing is delicate work. Roofers cannot work in snow or high winds, so your original scheduled date may get bumped about a bit. All materials suffer in the cold, whether metal roof panels or fiberglass-asphalt shingles. They must be handled delicately to avoid stress and damage.

4. Delayed

Roof repair in winter can stop roof leaks and other chill ills. Sometimes, the roof repair cannot be made immediately due to weather, darkness, or existing ice dams. In that case, your roofer may be able to provide a temporary solution, such as a tarp, to prevent further damage. 

5. Debris

A leading cause of wintertime roof leaks is debris-clogging gutters with autumn leaves. The choked gutters lose their capacity, fill quickly with meltwater, and then freeze solid. Ice dams ensue. Prevent some wintertime roof repair by keeping your gutters clean and clear in the fall. 

6. Different

Wintertime roof repair will look different from work done in warm weather. You may pay a premium for the repair simply because of temperatures and other weather-related challenges. The work may be more temporary than a summertime repair, with your roofer agreeing to return in July to make the permanent fix. 

If you face a roof leak, do not hesitate to call your residential roofer. Good roofers will find a way to make winter roof repairs. Contact us today at Red Diamond Roofing in the Denver and Fort Collins area. We can resolve your roofing problems throughout the year, including winter.

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