Attractive Financing Options For Commercial And Residential Roofing Projects

At Red Diamond Roofing, we do not want financial obstacles to limit your ability to move forward with an important or necessary roofing project. For this reason, we offer multiple financing options to qualified homeowners and businesses. Our lending partners provide a fast, easy application process and secure, affordable payment plans.

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Advantages Of Financing Your Roofing Project

Choosing a reputable lending company to fund your next roofing project has numerous benefits for you as a borrower. These benefits include the following:

  • Fast, easy, no-obligation application process
  • 100% confidentiality
  • Options for credit-challenged applicants
  • Lower interest rates
  • More favorite lending terms
  • Fixed payment plan
  • No prepayment penalties

With today’s technological advances, including fast, convenient online payment options, managing your payment is easier than ever.

Choosing Service Finance Company, LLC

As a nationally-licensed sales finance company and an approved FHA Title I Lender, Service Finance Company, LLC provides over 50 financing solutions to contractors enrolled in the SFC Financing Program. Homeowners can connect to a qualified contractor to receive flexible financing for their home improvement project.

Service Finance Company, LLC offers homeowners a convenient online financing calculator to estimate their monthly payment amount. The lending program strives to provide a low monthly payment that may offset the energy savings from installing a new roof. The autopay option ensures timely, hassle-free payment.

Contact Red Diamond Roofing today to discuss lending options through Service Finance Company, LLC.

Selecting United Credit

With an array of professional, innovative financing solutions, United Credit offers borrowers access to more lending options and opportunities for approvals. United Credit is a convenient gateway to a network of lending resources that provide home improvement financing at affordable interest rates and reasonable payment terms.

Formerly United National Credit, United Credit offers highly personalized expert service combined with the industry’s finest financing and payment solutions. After completing an online application, United Credit submits the application to its qualified lending partner network to match prospective borrowers with the best financing option.

Contact Red Diamond Roofing today to review lending options through United Credit.


How Home Improvement/Renovation Financing Works

Pursuing lending solutions for a necessary roofing project involves a number of basic steps:

  1. Complete an application. An online application can be completed within minutes. Most applications do not require significant supporting financial documentation. Answer basic questions about your credit profile, income, and other debt balances.
  2. Application review and approval. The lending source reviews your application (generally within 24 hours.) Most applicants qualify for financing.
  3. Selecting a payment plan. Once your application receives approval, you work with the qualified lending agency to choose an affordable payment plan that meets your budgetary requirements. Interest rates and lending terms are explained fully for eligible borrowers.
  4. Ongoing customer service support. As questions arise, contact your dedicated lending source to receive answers timely.