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Fort Collins Roofer Red Diamond Roofing is the #1 Fort Collins Roofer and Roofing Repair Company. No other Fort Collins roofing company provides the same attention to detail, the same level of expertise, and then same impeccable customer service that you’ll find with Red Diamond. We provide some of the most competitive rates in the industry and don’t skimp on the materials. We use quality shingles and other top of the line roofing materials from leading brands like Owens Corning, Decra, and CertainTeed.


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In addition, we believe in treating our customers as partners. This means that we work with you every step of the way, from the initial consultation to the final shingle placement, ensuring that you’re fully informed and in control throughout the entire process. We’re not satisfied unless you’re satisfied. That’s what makes Red Diamond is the best Fort Collins Roofer.


Save Money With Our Quality Fort Collins Roofing Company

  • Have you been relying on the same roof for 20 years or more?
  • Have you been noticing signs of water leakage?
  • Or perhaps your home just doesn’t maintain its temperature?
  • Are you looking to make your home eco-friendly to qualify for energy rebates in the State of Colorado? 


If you answered yes to any of the questions above, it’s time to start looking into our Fort Collins roof installation or replacement services. Red Diamond Fort Collins Roofing Repair is the most trusted contractor and has been for decades. We are experts in both residential and commercial roof repair and roof installation. We have the experience, the expertise, and the tools to install, repair, and patch roofs at the most reasonable prices, without ever sacrificing quality or craftsmanship.


The Most Affordable Fort Collins Roofer  and Colorado Roof Repair Services

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Why Choose Red Diamond Roofing Colorado?


Fort Collins Roofer

Affordable Fort Collins Roofer

Red Diamond Roof Repair is the best Fort Collins roofing company in the great state of Colorado. We provide professional, reliable and affordable Colorado roofing and roof repair services to both residential and commercial properties. Make sure your property is safe from weather damage, leakage, wear and tear with Red Diamond Fort Collins Roofers.


Affordable roofing in Fort Collins can be hard to come by…Red Diamond Roofing contractors have been in the roof maintenance business for decades and deliver only the very best in Colorado roofing and roof repair services. Red Diamond Fort Collins Roofing Company utilizes the most cutting-edge equipment and time-honored techniques to provide homes and businesses with roofs that look amazing and last for years. Let us put our expertise to work for you!!


Red Diamond is the Best Fort Collins Roofing Company!


Sun damage, rainstorms, hail, and harsh winds are just some of the unfortunate realities that can compromise an existing roof, but at Red Diamond, we use lifetime warrantied materials to ensure that your home is fully equipped to endure whatever Mother Nature should send your way. An old or compromised roof due to weather damage or simply old age, may leave you feeling cold in the winter and hot in the summer and cost you hundreds throughout the years. A new roof from Red Diamond Roofing can insulate your home, all while securing you from the elements.


Quality Residential Roofer Fort Collins

Red Diamond specializes in quality Fort Collins roofing for residential properties, but as you know, there is far more involved with the roofing process than simply laying shingles. Here are just some of the services that we offer:


  • Roofers Fort Collins Free quotes. Maybe you’re not sure whether you actually need a new roof, or whether you can afford it. Your expert Fort Collins roofer is here to listen, and to help you fully understand your options. We believe in taking a no-hassle approach, so you can rest assured that when you come to us for questions or guidance, you’ll get just that, without the aggressive salesmanship.
  • Thorough inspections. Maybe you’re a bit nervous after a recent storm, or perhaps you’re wondering about the origin of some water leakage. We’ll gladly help you get to the bottom of it, and we’ll let you know if you’re dealing with a minor inconvenience or a major emergency.
  • Fort Collins Insurance claims. A new roof, as you know, can be a pretty significant investment, and the damage may be covered by your insurance. Dealing with the insurance companies can be a pretty intimidating process, though, and you don’t have to go it alone. We’ll work with you and the insurance company to ensure you’re getting the maximum value for your home, and we’ll oversee the entire process to ensure that the job is done right.
  • Fort Collins Roof Replacement. Perhaps your existing roof is 25 years old and falling apart. If that’s the case, it’s definitely time to secure your home with a brand new roof. We use industry-leading materials to ensure that your new roof remains intact for decades, and we inspect every shingle to ensure that the job is completed to perfection. We also offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry, so you can be sure that your investment is sound, and your new roof is something to be truly proud of.
  • Fort Collins Roof Repair. Maybe it’s not time to replace just yet. Some roofers will try to up-sell you without necessity, but at Red Diamond Roofing, we believe that the honest approach is the best approach. If your roof simply requires minor repairs, we’ll be happy to accommodate your needs. For projects large and small, Red Diamond is here to ensure that you always have a sturdy roof over your head.
Commercial Roofing Fort Collins Colorado


Fort Collins Commercial Roofing

#1 Colorado Commercial Roofer

As expert Fort Collins Roofers we understand that different structures have different roofing needs. That is why we assess your needs and then build a customized plan around the needs of your commercial property. From EPDM systems to thermoplastic options, our team offers an array of roofing selections to suit the needs, goals, and budget of each property owner.


We are adept at handling new construction as well, so if you’re looking for a qualified Fort Collins roofer to complete your commercial property, look no further than Red Diamond.


At Red Diamond Roofing, we’re not just about homes. Our Expert Fort Collins Roofers have been in charge of literally hundreds of commercial roofing projects throughout Colorado. No matter the size, Red Diamond Roofing can get the job done right the first time. From office buildings, retail centers, schools, churches and even hospitals, Red Diamond has had a hand in providing superior roofing construction and roof repair services to commercial businesses for decades now.


Contact Red Diamond Roofing today to learn more about what we can do for your home or property. We’ll provide you with a free quote, and you are under no obligation to choose our services.


Our Red Diamond Fort Collins Roofer is Affordable and Always Reliable

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