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 Has inclement weather ravaged your roof or destroyed the exterior of your home or business?

insurance claims assistance Or perhaps years of wear and tear due to the passage of time have compromised the integrity of your roof to the point you can no longer rely on it to protect your home. Whatever the case may be, if you are thinking about filing a weather damage insurance claim in Colorado, start by contacting the insurance claims experts at Red Diamond Roofing.


Are you looking to file an insurance claim for your new roof? You don’t have to do it alone. At Red Diamond Roofing, our experts fully understand the claims process and are adept at working with insurance companies to ensure the optimal payout. We’re not just a roofing repair company. We know what it takes to efficiently and accurately process even the most complex claims in the shortest amount of time, and we can spare you the frustration of having to battle the insurance company on your own. In fact, we can work with you and your insurance company to navigate the complex regulations, restrictions, and ordinances in Denver, Fort Collins, and throughout Colorado. 

Before You File a Claim

Have you suffered hail or wind damage, or another natural disaster related to a faulty roof? Begin by contacting Red Diamond Roofing, and one of our experts will work with you to determine whether you have damage warranting a potential claim. Tell us the specifics of what happened, and one of our contractors may perform an onsite inspection. It’s always a good idea to have a certified professional provide an expert evaluation before you make the decision to file a claim.


Once we determine the cause and extent of the damage, we will inform you of your options in the matter. If you do decide that an insurance claim is the best course of action, we can assist you in this capacity as well. Typically the insurance company will also request an inspection, after which they will send an agent to assess the damage. Our experts will then work with the insurance company in an effort to obtain a favorable settlement on your behalf. We work out pricing, determine what needs to be replaced, ensure that all of the proper codes are upheld, and help you to get your roof back in working order.


Outstanding Insurance Claims

Denver Insurance Claims If you have an outstanding claim that was issued before you contacted an insurance claims assistant, we can step in, review their paperwork, help you to understand it, and provide our own expert opinion. We can assess existing claims to determine whether you’re eligible for additional compensation, based on the value of the damage and the guidelines set forth by your local building department. Your insurance company may be offering you the bare minimum, but we can determine if you’re entitled to additional assistance. Our experts have been working with insurance companies for years, and in that time we have seen time and time again how essential it is for home and business owners to work with a knowledgeable expert.


We Have Relationships With Multiple Carriers

This isn’t just about payout. You need an optimal claim to get the best roof possible, and that’s what truly matters. At Red Diamond Roofing, we not only know the inner-workings of the insurance companies, but we actually have relationships with most of the major carriers. That’s what sets us apart. We work with these companies on an ongoing basis, and we can help ensure that your insurance company provides for the best labor, the best materials, and a roof that you can count on for decades to come.

Deciding On Filing an Insurance Claim?

Dealing with the insurance companies can be more than a bit overwhelming. You believe that you’re entitled to the value of a repair or replacement, but you’re not sure you can match wits with professional claims adjusters who specialize in protecting the business of insurance. Insurance is a business, and you’re very unlikely to secure the full value of your repair or replacement if you approach the process unprepared. Red Diamond Roofing has years of experience helping clients get their insurance money and start on the repair of their property. 

Insurance Claims DenverAt Red Diamond Roofing, we provide a wealth of important roofing services. They include:

If this all sounds a bit overwhelming, don’t worry. That’s why we’re here. We can help you cut through the complexity and minutiae of your insurance claim and get your roof back in order, better than before. Don’t face the insurance company on your own. You deserve an expert on your team. Contact Red Diamond Roofing today, and get the highest level of expertise for your insurance claim.

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