What You Need To Know About Your Commercial Roof Replacement

What You Need To Know About Your Commercial Roof Replacement

If your commercial roof needs to be replaced because it is old or in disrepair, it’s natural to wonder how long the project will take. Roof replacement can be a noisy, immense undertaking which may disrupt your business operation so you may want it completed as quickly as possible. On average, flat roof replacements take about 3-5 days, but the actual timelines differ from building to building. The process is influenced by many factors, including:

The Size of the Roof

The size of your commercial building will obviously influence the duration of the roofing job. Typically, it takes longer to clear away and cover the square footage of a large roof than a smaller one.

Commercial roof replacement involves tear-off, repair and preparation of the deck, and installation of the new materials. Removal and disposal of the old roof can be just as involved as the installation of the new one.

The Weather

No matter how big or small your building is, extreme weather can bring any roofing project to a screeching halt. Roof replacement during the wet season will take longer because the surface tends to be slippery and poses a serious danger to the roofers. It also affects the integrity of the installation process.

The scorching heat of summer can force roofers to take frequent breaks. Generally, a roof replacement project can be delayed by high winds, snow, hail, and heavy or intermittent rain.

Stretches of dry warm weather are ideal for a complete roof replacement. If the weather turns bad after the old roof has been removed, a sturdy tarp can be used to protect your exposed roof until the weather clears.

Damaged Structure

Beneath the covering materials is the underlayment, sheathing, or roof decking. Damage to your roof can be discovered once the old roof system is ripped off. Solutions can be as simple as repairing a small area or as complex as removing the entire deck and rebuilding the supporting framework.

If the sheathing or decking is rotten, water damaged, or covered with black mold, you can expect the crew to remove and replace them, which will require more hours. More delay could be caused by the need to make a trip to the lumberyard or wait for the delivery of materials.

Design Complexity

Roofs come in so many different sizes and shapes, which can affect the complexity of installation. It’s easier to install plain, flat/low-sloped roofs than roofs with various angles. Also, the crews can easily get around on flat roofs, which speeds things up.

Whenever there are special features to take care of, such as valleys, vents, HVAC units, solar panels, and so on, there’s going to be a need for more time and attention.

The height of your roof can also add time to the replacement project. For instance, you can expect replacement on a 15-story building to take more time than with a 3-story building.

How Often You Need Your Commercial Roof Replaced

Age And Condition Of Roof

Each roofing material has a different durability and lifespan. On average, a commercial roof should be replaced after 20 years. If the roof on your building is reaching the end of its life expectancy, consider having it replaced to prevent further deterioration and more expensive repairs.

Quality Of Installation

Poor installation is one of the main reasons behind premature roof failure. When you hire cheap or inexperienced roofers, you’ll be constantly dealing with unexpected leaks and other damage allowed to occur during installation. Commercial property owners must work with experienced roofers who get the job done right the first time.

How Well It Has Been Maintained

Even if a roof looks just fine, it should be regularly examined, cleaned, and repaired to ensure it is working properly. When you neglect your commercial roof, you allow small issues to become major problems which will shorten the roof’s lifespan.

Quality Of Materials Chosen

Every roof is only as good as the material it is made of. High-quality roofing materials will protect your commercial property longer than cheap, low-quality options. If you’re replacing your roof, choose materials with a longer life expectancy.

To avoid unexpected delays in roof replacement and ensure complete satisfaction, choose a reliable and experienced local contractor who understands the importance of deadlines. Red Diamond Roofing provides quality commercial roofing solutions in Fort Collins, Denver, and the surrounding areas in Colorado. We offer a combination of custom solutions, technical expertise, and quality workmanship. Our trained roofers are ready to make sure you have a beautiful new roof. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.

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