How Can I Know When Are Gutters Required For My Home?

How Can I Know When Are Gutters Required For My Home?


Houses are confusing. Why are many doorknobs brass-coated? Why do people have housewarming parties? When is a gutter required on a house? We can answer all three of those, but only the third one seriously affects your home’s value.

Shiny and Hot

For the curious, brass doorknobs fight germs, disinfecting themselves. Housewarming parties originated with mortgage-burning gatherings. With those shiny and hot mysteries solved, we can take a closer look at gutters. 

Gutters are needed for two issues:

  1. Location — As in, geography and local climate. Homes built in areas that receive significant precipitation need gutters to protect their foundations from becoming saturated and weak, while homes in dry regions (think America’s Southwest) may get by with no gutters at all.
  2. Location — As in, the area on your house where gutters are actually useful, which is at the horizontal bottom of the steeply pitched (angled) planes of the roof; the angled edges themselves need no gutters.


Real estate is all about location, location, location. So, where is the third location? If your original home has had additions or heavy remodeling, places that never had gutters may need them, such as over a newly created entry door in an exterior wall. You don’t want folks to enter and exit your home under a deluge!

Another way to think of gutters is to look at your existing gutter system and see if it is adequate for the job. Some homes need larger gutters than the typical five-inch K-style gutter. Some homes with exceptionally long roof lines benefit from adding a downspout and angling the gutters downward from a center point. 


If your Denver-area home has no gutters, an easy clue that you need them may lie in your basement. If your basement’s walls discolor or get damp in heavy rains — or worse yet, your basement floods — you need gutters. Without proper drainage, your home’s value plummets. 

Gutters are not a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. You need specialized tools and skills to install them in the right location on your Denver-area home. You also need seamless gutters custom-built right at your property, rather than seamed odds and ends bought at the local DIY store. 

Expertly installed gutters add beauty and value to your home. They also protect your property for years to come

Please connect with us today at Red Diamond Roofing. We can help protect your investment in your Denver-area home with professional gutter installation, storm damage repair, and much more.

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