How Long Will My New Gutters Last?

How Long Will My New Gutters Last?


The Roman Empire lasted 1,500 years and earned a nod from Guinness World Records. How long will new gutters last on your Denver- or Fort Collins-area home? 

Material Science

Though the Romans had rain gutters, they lacked the modern technology that allows local homeowners to select the ideal material for their gutters. Professional gutter services can install gutters in:

  • Vinyl — Economical and attractive; easily installed in about a day.
  • Aluminum — Lightweight, available in a rainbow of colors, and custom-built for your home.
  • Steel — Galvanized to withstand weather extremes without rusting, steel is notable for its strength.
  • Copper — Traditional, beautiful, and durable, copper is the king of gutter materials.

Live Long

With apologies to the ancient Romans whose clay gutters tended to crack and disintegrate, each gutter material today has a long lifespan:

  • Vinyl gutters will last between 10 and 20 years with conscientious care.
  • Aluminum gutters and galvanized steel gutters will last around 20 years with proper care.
  • Copper gutters can celebrate their 50th birthday on your home and still look great.

The material selection is only one part of the secret to a gutter’s long life. Suppose you opted for aluminum because it does not rust. Then you outsmarted yourself by buying thin-wall gutter material from your local big-box home improvement store to do the job yourself. Big mistake! 

New, colorful aluminum gutters shaped on-site and custom-fitted to your home by trained professionals are made with thicker aluminum than what is available at those big-box stores. They are also seamless gutters, reducing the chances of clogs and leaks. 

Expert installation and proper care are the other two parts of long-lasting gutters. Work with a highly trained, local contractor for superior gutter installation. Then safely maintain your gutters:

  • Clean them with a garden hose and scrub brush
  • Keep them free of debris
  • Use leaf guards or gutter shields
  • Inspect fasteners annually


Every Denver and Fort Collins home is different. Consult with a professional gutter installation service to select the right gutter, not just by the material, but also by other factors:

  • Gutter profile — half-round, K-style, curved-face, ogee, wide-bottom, box
  • Color — aluminum, vinyl, and steel gutters are available in many colors
  • Overhanging trees — Wide gutters and gutter guards are good choices

Red Diamond Roofing can provide complete exterior services for your Denver or Fort Collins home, including gutter installation. Contact us today to learn more about the many ways we can help your home.

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