When You Need A Roofer To Repair Your Damaged Roof Shingles

When You Need A Roofer To Repair Your Damaged Roof Shingles

You can gaze into a crystal ball to know when to repair roof shingles, or you can call your nearby residential roofing contractor for a real expert’s opinion. Your roofer can clear up a few misconceptions. First, roof shingles are not repaired; they are carefully, meticulously replaced. Second, the right time for roof repair can mean more than one thing!


Some roof repair work must be done immediately to avoid widespread roof damage. Shingles can typically last around two decades, but along the way, they can be damaged:

  • Cupped, cracked, or curled by weather extremes
  • Destroyed by storms
  • Dimpled or dented by falling branches or stray sports equipment
  • Dislodged by wayward shoes (we’re talking to you, feral teenagers)
  • Uplifted and broken by wind gusts
  • Raised and split by ice dams

Damaged fiberglass-asphalt shingles must be painstakingly removed by trained roofers, who then replace the damaged portions of your roof with shingles that match (as closely as possible) the cut, color, and style of the existing shingles. Individual shingles are not “repaired.”

Any signs of a roof leak indicate the need for immediate roof repair work to deal with the damaged shingles. Even in the depths of winter, your roofer can take a few temporary steps to protect your home. Dry weather is needed, but cold weather will not stop a dedicated roofer if the damage is severe. 


Ideally, shingles are removed and replaced in warm, dry weather. If your roof’s shingles are degrading, not destroyed, you and your roofer can discuss waiting until early spring or the warm days of summer for shingle work.

Shingles have a sticky adhesive strip on them to seal themselves to the shingles below. In warm weather, this adhesive naturally softens, and your roof stays water-resistant. If shingles must be replaced in cold weather, that adhesive will not truly stick until later in the year. 


Not every shingle roof can be repaired by replacing a few shingles. Your roof may be beyond roof repair, but you may not know it. Turn to your local roofing contractor for the expert’s eye. Find out if complete roof replacement is a wiser, more economical solution to your roof leaks.

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